[Video] Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire + Star Slinger Remix

Lion Babe

Great Electro Soul song from Lion Babe! Lion Babe consists of Jillian Hervey + Lucas Goodman from New York City. Lucas provides the hip hop style beats and Jillian brings the R&B and Soul vibes to the tune. Lovely sound for summer which I am sure you’ll all appreciate. Below is the remix by Star Slinger which gives the song a more Electronic remix which is also brilliant.

Treat Me Like Fire by LION BABE + Avenue D Cinema
Directed by Lucas McGowen
Edited by Jillian Hervey, Lucas Goodman, Lucas McGowen

buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tre…


Treat Me Like Fire
written by
Jillian Hervey + Lucas Goodman (aka Astro Raw)

vocals: Jillian Hervey — http://jillonce.tumblr.com/
production: Astro Raw — https://soundcloud.com/astroraw


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