[Video] Stereogamous ft. Shaun J Wright – Face Love Anew


Some Disco for you now! This is an absolute stunning track from Stereogamous, there is a great bass riff to kick the video off and the groove just flows through the song with infectious drum loops, great sound sharp stabby synths and beautiful atmospheric vocals from Shaun J. Wright. It should be heard all over the world this summer!

World’s Most Revered Counterculture Queer DJ’s, Producers, and Club Promoters Collaborate on an Industry First. A song that emanates hope, love and optimism from the global underground dance scene nearly destroyed by the AIDS Holocaust

Presented by CockTail d’Amore (Berlin) and Honey Soundsystem’s HNYTRX (SF) Produced by Stereogamous (Sydney) featuring vocals by Shaun J. Wright (Chicago)

For each of the collectives, DJs, and producers involved with the new single Face Love Anew, it’s not about being the biggest party or topping the charts. Their endeavors are next generation artistic projects with a focus on community, culture, activism, and queer history. While each are very successful in their own right, coming together in this way for Face Love Anew is not only a show of support for the single, it’s the first time this global gay underground music scene and community have been linked together with a single focus.

In the face of AIDS, survival was the first and only priority of the queer community for many years. While still a major threat the world over, we are able to once again regain our focus on the art and influence that was nearly wiped out in the 1980s. An entire artistic generation and their potential creative and vibrant contributions to the world, from Keith Haring, to Freddy Mercury to Sylvester, were lost during the AIDS Holocaust. In 2012, we are truly “facing love anew.”


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